Mark McShane
Myra Savage:

Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1961)
APA: Séance (1962)
Finalist 1963 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Séance for Two (1972)

Norman Pink, an ex-Detective Sergeant:

The Girl Nobody Knows (1965)

Night’s Evil (1966)

The Way to Nowhere (1967)


The Straight and the Crooked (1960)

The Passing of Evil (1961)

Untimely Ripped (1962)

The Crimson Madness of Little Doom (1966)

Ill Met by a Fish Shop on George Street (1968)

The Singular Case of the Multiple Dead (1969)

The Man Who Left Well Enough (1971)

The Othello Complex (1974)

The Headless Snowman (1974)

Lashed But Not Leashed (1976)

Lifetime (1977)

The Hostage Game (1979)

The Halcyon Way (1979)

Just a Face in the Dark (1987)

Once upon a Fairy Tale (1990)

Mourning Becomes the Hangman (1991)

Written as Marc Lovell
Jason Galt:

The Blind Hypnotist (1976)

The Second Vanetti Affair (1977)

Written as Marc Lovell
Appleton “Apple” Porter, a 6-foot 7-inch spy:

The Spy Game (1980)

The Spy with His Head in the Clouds (1980)

Spy on the Run (1982)

Apple Spy in the Sky (1983)

Apple to the Core (1983)

How Green Was My Apple (1984)

The Only Good Apple in a Barrel of Spies (1984)

The Spy Who Got His Feet Wet (1985)

The Spy Who Barked in the Night (1986)

Good Spies Don’t Grow on Trees (1986)

That Great Big Trench Coat in the Sky (1988)

The Spy Who Fell Off the Back of a Bus (1988)

Ethel and the Naked Spy (1989)

Comfort Me with Spies (1990)

Written as Marc Lovell

The Ghost of Megan (1968)
APA: Memory of Megan (1970)

The Imitation Thieves (1971)

A Presence in the House (1972)

An Enquiry into the Existence of Vampires (1974)
APA: Vampires in the Shadows (1976)

Dreamers in a Haunted House (1975)

The Guardian Spectre (1977)

Fog Sinister (1977)

A Voice from the Living (1978)

And They Say You Can’t Buy Happiness (1979)

Hand over Mind (1979)

Shadows and Dark Places (1980)

The Last Séance (1982)

Looking for Kingford (1983)

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