Elizabeth Daly
Henry Gamadge, an author, bibliophile, and forgery expert, in New York City:

Unexpected Night (1940)

Deadly Nightshade (1940)

Murders in Volume 21 (1941)

The House Without the Door (1942)

Evidence of Things Seen1 (1943)

Nothing Can Rescue Me (1943)

Arrow Pointing Nowhere (1944)
APA: Murder Listens In (1949)

The Book of the Dead1 (1944)

Any Shape or Form (1945)

Somewhere in the House (1946)

The Wrong Way Down (1946)
APA: Shroud for a Lady (1956)

Night Walk (1947)

The Book of the Lion (1948)

And Dangerous To Know (1949)

Death and Letters (1950)

The Book of Crime (1951)