Martha Grimes
Richard Jury, a Scotland Yard investigator based in London, England:

The Man with a Load of Mischief (1981)

The Old Fox Deceiv’d (1982)

The Anodyne Necklace (1983)
1983 Nero Award

The Dirty Duck (1984)

Jerusalem Inn (1984)

Help the Poor Struggler1 (1985)

The Deer Leap1 (1985)

I Am the Only Running Footman1 (1986)

The Five Bells and Bladebone (1987)

The Old Silent (1989)

The Old Contemptibles (1990)

The Horse You Came In On (1993)

Rainbow’s End (1995)

The Case Has Altered (1997)

The Stargazey (1998)

The Lamorna Wink (1999)

The Blue Last (2001)

The Grave Maurice (2002)

The Winds of Change (2004)

The Old Wine Shades (2006)

Dust (2007)

The Black Cat (2010)

Vertigo 42 (2014)

The Knowledge (2018)

The Old Success (2019)

Emma Graham, a young girl in La Porte, Maryland:

Hotel Paradise (1996)

Cold Flat Junction (2001)

Belle Ruin (2005)

Fadeaway Girl (2011)

Andi Oliver, a young amnesiac and drifter:

Biting the Moon (1999)

Dakota (2008)

Paul Giverney, a suspense novelist dealing with cut-throat publishers in New York City:

Foul Matter (2003)

The Way of All Fish (2014)


The End of the Pier2 (1992)

The Train Now Departing (2000)
[two novellas: The Train Now Departing & When the Mousetrap Closes]

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