Aaron Marc Stein
Tim Mulligan and Elsie Mae Hunt, professional archeologists and amateur sleuths:

The Sun Is a Witness (1940)

Up to No Good (1941)

Only the Guilty (1942)

The Case of the Absent-Minded Professor (1943)

…And High Water (1946)

We Saw Him Die (1947)

Death Takes a Paying Guest (1947)

The Cradle and the Grave (1948)

The Second Burial (1949)

Days of Misfortune (1949)

Three—With Blood (1950)

Frightened Amazon (1950)

Shoot Me Dacent (1951)

Pistols for Two (1951)

Mask for Murder (1952)

The Dead Thing in the Pool (1952)

Death Meets 400 Rabbits (1953)

Moonmilk and Murder (1955)

Sitting Up Dead (1958)

Matt Erridge, a construction engineer:

Never Need an Enemy (1959)

Home and Murder (1962)

Blood on the Stars (1964)

I Fear the Greeks (1966)
APA: Executioner’s Rest (1967)

Deadly Delight (1967)

Snare Andalucian (1968)
APA: Faces of Death (1968)

Kill Is a Four-Letter Word (1968)

Alp Murder (1970)

Lock and Key (1973)

The Finger (1973)

Coffin Country (1976)

Lend Me Your Ears (1976)

Body Search (1977)

Nowhere? (1978)

Chill Factor (1978)

The Rolling Heads (1979)

One Dip Dead (1979)

The Cheating Butcher (1980)

A Nose for It (1980)

A Body for a Buddy (1981)

Hangman’s Row (1982)

The Bombing Run (1983)

The Garbage Collector (1984)


Spirals (1930)

Her Body Speaks (1931)

Written as George Bagby
Inspector Schmidt, the colorless cop with the brilliant mind, in New York City:

Murder at the Piano (1935)

Ring around a Murder (1936)

Murder Half-Baked (1937)

Murder on the Nose (1938)

Bird Walking Weather (1939)

The Corpse with the Purple Thighs (1939)

The Corpse Wore a Wig (1940)

Here Comes the Corpse (1941)

Red Is for Killing (1941)

Murder Calling “50” (1942)

Dead on Arrival (1946)

The Original Carcase (1946)
APA: A Body for the Bride (1954)

The Twin Killing (1947)

The Starting Gun (1948)

In Cold Blood (1948)

Drop Dead (1949)

Coffin Corner (1949)

Blood Will Tell (1950)

Death Ain’t Commercial (1951)

Scared to Death (1952)

The Corpse with Sticky Fingers (1952)

Give the Little Corpse a Great Big Hand (1953)
APA: A Big Hand for the Corpse (1953)

Dead Drunk (1953)

The Body in the Basket (1954)

A Dirty Way to Die (1955)
APA: Shadow on the Window (1955)

Dead Storage (1956)

Cop Killer (1956)

Dead Wrong (1957)

The Three-Time Losers (1958)

The Real Gone Goose (1959)

Evil Genius (1961)

Murder’s Little Helper (1963)

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser (1965)
APA: Murder in Wonderland (1965)

Dirty Pool (1966)
APA: Bait for a Killer Hammond (1967)

Corpse Candle (1967)

Another Day Another Death (1968)

Honest Reliable Corpse (1969)

Killer Boy Was Here (1970)

Two in the Bush (1976)

My Dead Body (1976)

Innocent Bystander (1977)

The Tough Get Going (1977)

Better Dead (1978)

Guaranteed to Fade (1978)

I Could Have Died (1979)

Mugger’s Day (1979)

Country and Fatal (1980)

A Question of Quarry (1981)

The Sitting Duck (1981)

The Golden Creep (1982)

The Most Wanted (1983)

Written George Bagby

Bachelor’s Wife (1932)

Written as Hampton Stone
Jeremiah X. Gibson, an assistant district attorney in New York City:

The Corpse in the Corner Saloon (1948)

The Girl with the Hole in Her Head (1949)

The Needle That Wouldn’t Hold Still (1950)

The Murder That Wouldn’t Stay Solved (1951)

The Corpse That Refused to Stay Dead (1952)

The Corpse Who Had Too Many Friends (1953)

The Man Who Had Too Much to Lose (1955)

The Strangler Who Couldn’t Let Go (1956)

The Girl Who Kept Knocking Them Dead (1957)

The Man Who Was Three Jumps Ahead (1959)

The Man Who Looked Death in the Eye (1961)

The Babe with the Twistable Arm (1962)

The Real Serendipitous Kill (1964)

The Kid Was Last Seen Hanging Ten (1966)

The Funniest Killer in Town (1967)

The Corpse Was No Bargain at All (1968)

The Swinger Who Swung by the Neck (1970)

The Kid Who Came Home with a Corpse (1971)

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