Robert Terrall

They Deal in Death (1943)

Madam Is Dead (1947)

A Killer Is Loose Among Us (1948)

Shroud for a City (1956)

Sand Dollars (1978)

Written as Robert Kyle
The Ben Gates Series:

Blackmail, Inc. (1958)

Model for Murder (1959)

Kill Now, Pay Later1 (1960)

Some Like It Cool (1962)

Ben Gates Is Hot (1964)

Written as Robert Kyle

The Crooked City (1954)

The Golden Urge (1954)

Nice Guys Finish Last (1955)

A Tiger in the Night (1955)

A Killer Is Loose (1956)

Written as John Gonzales

Death for Mr. Big (1951)

The Magnificent Moll (1952)

End of a J. D. (1960)

Someone’s Sleeping in My Bed (1962)

Follow That Hearse (1963)

The Art of Love (1965)

Written as Brett Halliday
The Mike Shayne Mysteries:

Fit to Kill (1958)

Target: Michael Shayne (1959)

Michael Shayne's Torrid Twelve (1961)

Murder in Haste (1961)

The Violent World of Michael Shayne (1965)

Nice Fillies Finish Last (1965)

Murder Spins the Wheels (1966)

Armed… åDangerous (1966)

Mermaid on the Rocks (1967)

Guilty as Hell (1967)

So Lush, So Deadly (1968)

Violence Is Golden (1968)

Lady Be Bad (1969)

Six Seconds to Kill (1970)

Fourth Down to Death (1970)

Count Backwards to Zero (1971)

I Come to Kill You (1971)

Caught Dead (1972)

Kill All the Young Girls (1973)

Blue Murder (1974)

Last Seen Hitchhiking (1974)

At the Point of a Thirty-Eight (1974)

Million Dollar Handle (1976)

Win Some, Lose Some (1976)

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