Philip Kerr
Bernie Gunther, a German private eye who hates the Nazis, in Berlin, Germany, 1936-1947, and later in Argentina, Cuba, and elsewhere:

March Violets1 (1989) [review]
Finalist 1989 New Blood Dagger Award

The Pale Criminal1 (1990)

A German Requiem1 (1991)

The One from the Other (2006)
Finalist 2007 Historical Dagger Award

A Quiet Flame (2008)
Finalist 2008 Historical Dagger Award

If the Dead Rise Not (2009) [review]
2009 Historical Dagger Award
2010 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

Finalist 2011 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Field Grey (2010)
APA: Field Gray (2011) [review]
Finalist 2012 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Prague Fatale (2011)
Finalist 2012 Historical Dagger Award

A Man Without Breath (2013) [review]

The Lady from Zagreb (2015) [review]
Finalist 2016 Edgar Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2016 Macavity Award for Best Historical Mystery

The Other Side of Silence (2016)
Finalist 2016 Historical Dagger Award

Prussian Blue (2017)
Finalist 2018 Barry Award for Best Novel
Finalist 2018 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Greeks Bearing Gifts (2018)

Metropolis (2019) [prequel] [review]
Finalist 2020 Barry Award for Best Mystery/Crime Novel
Finalist 2020 Historical Dagger Award

Scott Manson, coach for a Premier League football club, and their all-round fixer, in London, England:

January Window (2014)

Hand of God (2015)

False Nine (2015)


A Philosophical Investigation (1992)

Dead Meat (1993)
APA: Grushko (1994)
Finalist 1993 Dagger Award

Gridiron (1995)
APA: The Grid (1996)

Esau (1996)

A Five Year Plan (1997)

The Second Angel (1998)

The Shot (1999)

Dark Matter: The Private Life of Sir Issac Newton (2002)

Hitler’s Peace (2005)

Prayer (2014)

Winter Horses (2014) [YA]

Research (2014)

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