T.R. Ragan
Theresa R. Ragan
Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator who was once terrorized by a serial killer, in Sacramento, California:

Abducted (2011)

Dead Weight (2011)

A Dark Mind (2013)

Obsessed (2014)

Almost Dead (2015)

Evil Never Dies (2015)

Faith McMann, a schoolteacher whose husband is murdered and children kidnapped:

Furious (2016)

Outrage (2016)

Wrath (2017)

Jessie Cole, a private investigator in Sacramento, California:

Her Last Day (2017)

Deadly Recall (2018)

Deranged (2018)

Sawyer Brooks, a crime reporter in Sacramento, California:

Don't Make a Sound (2020)

Out of Her Mind (2020)

No Going Back (2021)


Finding Kate Huntley (2011)
[written as Theresa Ragan]

Count to Three (2021)

Such a Beautiful Family (2022)

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