Elizabeth Becka
Elizabeth Becka Lansky
Evelyn James, a forensic expert in the medical examiner’s office, in Cleveland, Ohio:

Trace Evidence (2005)

Unknown Means (2007)

Written as Lisa Black
Author Website

Theresa MacLean, a forensic scientist, in Cleveland, Ohio:

Takeover (2008)

Evidence of Murder (2009)

Trail of Blood (2010)

Defensive Wounds (2011)

Blunt Impact (2013)

The Price of Innocence (2013)

Close to the Bone (2014)


Maggie Gardiner, a forensic expert, and Jack Renner, a homicide detective, in Cleveland, Ohio:

That Darkness (2016)

Unpunished (2017)

Perish (2018)
Finalist 2019 Sue Grafton Award

Suffer the Children (2018)

Let Justice Descend (2019)

Every Kind of Wicked (2020)

Ellie Carr, a forensic expert with the FBI evidense response team in Washington DC, and Rachael Davis, with the Locard Institute forensic lab, in the Locard Institute thrillers:

Red Flags (2022)


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