Mike Befeler
Paul Jacobson, an 80-something amateur sleuth, in the Geezer-Lit series:

Retirement Homes Are Murder (2007)

Living with Your Kids Is Murder (2009)
Finalist 2010 Lefty Award

Senior Moments Are Murder (2011)

Cruising in Your Eighties Is Murder (2012)
Finalist 2013 Lefty Award

Care Homes Are Murder (2013)

Nursing Homes Are Murder (2014)

Van and Vanna, invisible when naked and capable of changing into one another, running a detective agency, in Boulder, Colorado:

The V V Agency (2013)

Harold McCaffrey, and his friend Bella, in the paranormal Mountain Splendor Retirement Home, in Golden, Colorado:

The Back Wing (2013)

Mark Yeager, an amateur sleuth, in the Platform Tennis mysteries:

Court Trouble (2016)


Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse (2015)

Murder on the Switzerland Trail (2015)

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