James R. Benn
Billy Boyle, a Boston cop from a family of Boston cops, on the staff of distant relative, General Eisenhower, during WWII:

Billy Boyle (2006) [review]
Finalist 2007 Dilys Award

The First Wave (2007)

Blood Alone (2008)

Evil for Evil (2009)

Rag and Bone (2010)

A Mortal Terror (2011)

Death’s Door (2012)

A Blind Goddess (2013)

The Rest Is Silence (2014)
Finalist 2015 Barry Award for Best Novel

The White Ghost (2015)

Blue Madonna (2016)

The Devouring (2017)


Desperate Ground (2000)
APA: On Desperate Ground (2012)

Souvenir (2012) [ebook]