Anthony Berkeley
Anthony Berkeley Cox
Roger Sheringham, a writer and obnoxious sleuth, in London, England:

The Layton Court Mystery (1925)

The Wychford Poisoning Case (1926)

Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery (1927)
APA: The Mystery at Lovers’ Cave (1927)

The Silk Stocking Murders (1928)

The Poisoned Chocolates Case (1929) [includes Ambrose Chitterwick]

The Second Shot (1930)

Top Storey Murder (1931)

Murder in the Basement (1932)

Jumping Jenny (1933)
APA: Dead Mrs. Stratton (1933)

Panic Party (1934)
APA: Mr. Pidgeon’s Island (1934)

The Avenging Chance and Other Mysteries from Roger Sheringham’s Casebook (2004) [SS]

Ambrose Chitterwick, in England:

The Piccadilly Murder (1929)

Trial and Error (1937)


Not To Be Taken (1938)
APA: A Puzzle in Poison (1938)

Death in the House (1939)

Written as A.B. Cox

Mr. Priestley’s Problem (1927)
APA: The Amateur Crime (1928)

Written as A. Monmouth Platts

Cicely Disappears (1927)

Written as Frances Iles

Malice Aforethought: The Story of a Commonplace Crime (1931)

Before the Fact (1932, revised ed.)

As for the Woman: A Love Story (1939)

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