Carmel Bird
Courtney Frome, a sassy freelance journalist who investigates crimes, in Australia:

Unholy Writ (2000)
Finalist 2000 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel

Open for Inspection (2002)
Finalist 2003 Ned Kelly Award for Best Novel


The Bluebird Café (1990)

The White Garden (1995)

Red Shoes (1998)

Cape Grimm (2003)

Family Skeleton (2016)

Field of Poppies (2019)

Other fiction:

Births, Deaths and Marriages (1983) [SS]

Cherry Ripe (1985)

The Woodpecker Toy Fact and Other Stories (1987) [SS]

Woodpecker Point and Other Stories (1988) [SS]

The Common Rat (1993) [SS]

Automatic Teller (1996) [SS]

Crisis (1999)

The Essential Bird (2005) [SS]

Child of the Twilight (2010)

My Hearts Are Your Hearts (2015) [SS]

The Dead Aviatrix (2017) [SS]

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