Barbara Block
Robin Light, a pet store owner in Syracuse, New York:

Chutes and Adders (1994)

Twister (1995)

In Plain Sight (1996)

The Scent of Murder (1997)

Vanishing Act (1998)

Endangered Species (1999)

Blowing Smoke (2001)

Rubbed Out (2002)

Salt City Blues (2005)

No Good Deed (2007)

Written as Isis Crawford
Bernie and Libby Simmons, caterers in Longely, New York, in the Mystery with Recipes series:

A Catered Murder (2003)

A Catered Wedding (2004)

A Catered Christmas (2005)

A Catered Valentine’s Day (2007)

A Catered Halloween (2008)

A Catered Birthday Party (2009)

A Catered Thanksgiving (2010)

A Catered St. Patrick’s Day (2012)

A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange (2013)

A Catered Fourth of July (2014)

A Catered Mother’s Day (2015)

A Catered Tea Party (2016)

A Catered Costume Party (2017)

A Catered Cat Wedding (2018)

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