John C. Boland
Donald McCarry, a commodities trader at Morgenstern Ozick, on Wall Street:

Brokered Death (1992)

The Seventh Bearer (1993)

Death in Jerusalem (1994)

Richard Welles, a young financial advisor at the investment bank Ambrose and Welles, in Baltimore, Maryland:

Rich Man’s Blood (1993)

The Margin (1995)


Easy Money (1991)

Last Island South (2009)

Out of Her Depth (2009)

30 Years in the Pulps (2009) [SS]

Hominid (2011)

The Man Who Knew Brecht (2012)

Written as James L. Ross

Long Pig (2011)
Finalist 2012 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Death in Budapest (2012)

The Last Crimes of Charles Mistinguett (2013)

Suppose There is Nothing (2017)

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