Tom Bradby
Joe Quinn, a cop in 1929 New York City, and an ex-cop in Cairo, Egypt in 1942 [books listed in story-time order]:

Blood Money (2009)

The God of Chaos (2004)
Finalist 2005 Historical Dagger Award

Kate Henderson, a senior MI-6 officer in the UK and Europe:

Secret Service (2019)

Double Agent (2020) [review]
Finalist 2021 Barry Award for Best Thriller

Triple Cross (2021)


Shadow Dancer (1998)

The Sleep of the Dead (2001)

The Master of Rain (2002)
Finalist 2003 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel
Finalist 2002 Steel Dagger Award

The White Russian (2003)
Finalist 2003 Historical Dagger Award

Yesterday’s Spy (2022)

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