William Brodrick
Father Anselm, a lawyer turned monk, in Larkwood Priory, England:

The 6th Lamentation (2003)
Finalist 2004 Dilys Award

The Gardens of the Dead (2006)

A Whispered Name (2008)
2009 Gold Dagger Award

The Day of the Lie (2012)

The Discourtesy of Death (2013)

The Silent Ones (2015)

The Day of the Lie (2017)

Written as John Fairfax
William Benson, a criminal barrister and convicted murderer 16 years ago, with solicitor Tess de Vere, opening his own Chambers, in London, England:

Summary Justice (2017)

Blind Defence (2018)

Forced Confessions (2020)
Finalist 2020 Gold Dagger Award

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