Howard Browne
Paul Pine, a former DA’s investigator, now a private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois:

Halo in Blood1 (1946)
APA: So Long, Sinner (1956)

Halo for Satan1 (1948)

Halo in Brass1 (1949)

The Taste of Ashes (1957)

The Paper Gun (1985) [novella & SS]


Thin Air (1954)

Pork City (1988)

Scotch on the Rocks (1991)

Murder Wears a Halo (1997)

Incredible Ink (1997) [SS]

Carbon-Copy Killer and Twelve Times Zero (1998) [two novellas]

Written as John Evans:

If You Have Tears (1947)
APA: Weep Not Fair Lady (1950)
APA: Lona (1952)
APA: The Blonde Dies First (1956)


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