John Buchan
Richard Hannay, an ordinary fellow caught up in extraordinary events in England and Scotland:

The Thirty-Nine Steps1 (1915)

Greenmantle1 (1916)

Mr. Standfast1 (1918)
APA: Mr. Steadfast (1928)

The Three Hostages1 (1924)

The Island of Sheep (1936)
APA: The Man from the Norlands (1936)

Sir Edward Leithen, a lawyer in Scotland and Canada:

The Power-House (1916)

John Macnab (1925)

The Dancing Floor (1926)

Sick Heart River (1941)
APA: Mountain Meadow (1941)

Dickson Mc’Cunn, a grocer, and the Gorbals Die-Hards, in Scotland:

Huntingtower (1922)

Castle Gay (1930)

The House of the Four Winds (1935)


The Watcher by the Threshold and Other Tales (1902, expanded ed. 1918) [SS]

The Moon Endureth: Tales and Fancies (1912) [SS]

The Runagates Club2 (1928) [SS]

The Courts of the Morning (1929)

The Gap in the Curtain (1932) [SS]

A Prince of the Captivity (1933)

The Free Fishers (1934)

The Best Short Stories of John Buchan (1980) [2 vols, ed. David Daniel]

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