John Bude
Ernest Elmore
William Meredith, a police inspector, in England:

The Lake District Murder (1935)

The Sussex Downs Murder (1936)

The Cheltenham Square Murder (1937)

Death on Paper (1940)

Slow Vengeance (1941)

Death Knows No Calendar (1942)

Death Deals a Double (1943)

Death in White Pajamas (1944)

Death in Ambush (1945)

Trouble A-Brewing (1946)

Death Makes a Prophet (1947)

Dangerous Sunlight (1948)

A Glut of Red Herrings (1949)

Death Steals the Show (1950)

The Constable and the Lady (1951)

Death on the Riviera (1952)

When the Case Was Opened (1952)

Twice Dead (1953)

So Much in the Dark (1954)

Two Ends to the Town (1955)

A Shift of Guilt (1956)

A Telegram from Le Touquet (1956)

Another Man’s Shadow (1957)

Inspector Green, in England:

Loss of a Head (1938)

Hand on the Alibi (1939)

Inspector Sherwood, in England:

The Night the Fog Came Down (1958)

A Twist of the Rope (1958)


The Cornish Coast Murder (1935)

Death of a Cad (1940)

Murder in Montparnasse (1949)

Other fiction, written as Ernest Elmore:

The Steel Grubs (1928)

This Siren Song (1930)

The Baboon and the Fiddle (1932)

Green in Judgement (1939)

Christmas in Gillybrook (1949)

The Lumpton Gobbelings (1954)

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