Frederick Busch
Non-series crime fiction:

Absent Friends (1989) [SS, some criminous]

Closing Arguments (1991)

Girls (1997)

The Night Inspector (1999)

Don’t Tell Anyone (2000) [SS, some criminous]

North1 (2005)

Other fiction:

I Wanted a Year Without Fall (1971)

Breathing Trouble and Other Stories (1973) [SS]

Manual Labor (1974)

Domestic Particulars: A Family Chronicle (1976) [SS]

The Mutual Friend (1978)

Rounds (1979)

Hardwater Country: Stories (1979) [SS]

Take This Man (1981)

Invisible Mending (1984, revised ed. 1997)

Too Late American Boyhood Blues: Ten Stories (1984) [SS]

Sometimes I Live in the Country (1986)

War Babies (1989)

Harry and Catherine (1990)

Long Way from Home (1993)

The Children in the Woods: New and Selected Stories (1994) [SS]

A Memory of War (2003)

Rescue Missions (2006) [SS]