Gwendoline Butler
Gwendoline Williams Butler
William Winter, a police inspector, later superintendent, in south London, England:

Receipt for Murder1 (1956)

Dead in a Row1 (1957)

The Dull Dead1 (1958)

The Murdering Kind (1958)

John Coffin, a police inspector rising through the ranks to Commissioner, and his wife, Stella Pinero, an actress, in south London, England:

Death Lives Next Door (1960)
APA: Dine and Be Dead (1960)

Make Me a Murderer (1961)

Coffin in Oxford (1962)

A Coffin for Baby (1963)

Coffin Waiting (1964)

A Coffin in Malta (1964)

A Nameless Coffin (1966)

Coffin Following (1968)

Coffin’s Dark Number (1969)

A Coffin from the Past (1970)

A Coffin for the Canary (1974)
APA: Sarsen Place (1974)

Coffin on the Water (1986)

Coffin in Fashion (1987)

Coffin Underground (1988)

Coffin in the Black Museum (1989)
APA: Coffin in the Museum of Crime (1990)

Coffin and the Paper Man (1991)

Coffin on Murder Street (1992)

Cracking Open a Coffin (1993)

A Coffin for Charley (1994)

The Coffin Tree (1994)

A Dark Coffin (1995)

A Double Coffin (1996)

Coffin’s Game (1997)
APA: Coffin’s Games (1998)

A Grave Coffin (1998)

Coffin’s Ghost (1999)

A Cold Coffin (2000)

Coffin Knows the Answer (2002)

Major Mearns and Sergeant Denny, special agents for William Pitt to watch George III, in England:

The King Cried Murder! (2000)

Dread Murder (2006)


The Interloper (1959)

A Coffin for Pandora (1973)
1973 Silver Dagger Award
APA: Olivia (1974)

The Vesey Inheritance (1975)

The Brides of Friedberg (1977)
APA: Meadowsweet (1977)

The Red Staircase (1980)

The Albion Walk (1982)

Written as Jennie Melville
Charmian Daniels, a police detective in Deerham Hills, England:

Come Home and Be Killed (1962)

Burning Is a Substitute for Loving (1963)

Murderer’s Houses (1964)

There Lies Your Love (1965)

A Different Kind of Summer (1966)

A New Kind of Killer, an Old Kind of Death (1970)
APA: A New Kind of Killer (1971)

Murder Has a Pretty Face (1981)
Finalist 1981 Gold Dagger Award

Windsor Red (1988)

A Cure for Dying (1989)
APA: Making Good Blood (1990)

Witching Murder (1990)

Footsteps in the Blood (1991)

Dead Set (1992)

Whoever Has the Heart (1993)

Baby Drop (1994)
APA: A Death in the Family (1995)

The Morbid Kitchen (1995)

The Woman Who Was Not There (1996)

Revengeful Death (1997)

Stone Dead (1998)

Dead Again (2000)

Written as Jennie Melville

Nell Alone (1966)

The Hunter in the Shadows (1969)
Finalist 1969 Gold Dagger Award

The Summer Assassin (1971)

Ironwood (1972)

Nun’s Castle (1973)

Raven’s Forge (1975)

Dragon’s Eye (1976)

Axwater (1978)
APA: Tarot’s Tower (1978)

The Painted Castle (1982)

The Hand of Glass (1983)

Listen to the Children (1986)

Death in the Garden (1987)
APA: Murder in the Garden (1990)

Complicity (2000)

Loving Murder (2001)

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