Michael Butterworth
(changed to Michael Marlowe shortly before death)
Non-series crime fiction:

The Soundless Scream (1967)

Walk Softly in Fear (1968)

Vanishing Act (1970)
APA: The Uneasy Sun (1970)

Flowers for a Dead Witch (1971)

The Black Look1 (1972)

Villa on the Shore1 (1973)

The Man in the Sopwith Camel (1974)

Remains To Be Seen (1976)

Festival! (1976)

X Marks the Spot (1978)
Finalist 1978 Gold Dagger Award

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (1983)

A Virgin on the Rocks (1985)

The Five Million Dollar Prince (1986)

Romantic suspense written as Carola Salisbury:

The Pride of the Trevallions (1974)
APA: Mallion’s Pride (1974)

Dark Inheritance (1975)

The Dolphin Summer (1976)

The Winter Bride (1977)

The Shadowed Spring (1980)

Count Vronsky’s Daughter (1981)

An Autumn in Araby (1983)

Daisy Friday (1984)

A Certain Splendour (1985)

The Woman in Grey (1987)

Written as Sarah Kemp
Dr. Tina May, a television celebrity pathologist and amateur sleuth, in England:

No Escape (1985)

The Lure of Sweet Death (1986)

What Dread Hand? (1987)

Written as Sarah Kemp

Goodbye, Pussy (1979)
APA: Over the Edge (1979)

Written as William Dobson

The Child Player (1981)

The Ripper (1981)

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