Diane Capri
M. Diane Vogt
Wilhelmina (Willa) Carson, a federal judge in Tampa, Florida:

Carly’s Conspiracy (2011)
APA: Due Justice1 (2012)

George’s Game (2011)
APA: Twisted Justice2 (2012)

Harper’s Hell (2011)
APA: Secret Justice3 (2012)

Kate’s Killing (2011)
APA: Wasted Justice4 (2012)

Jennifer Lane, a young lawyer in Tampa, Florida:

Annabelle’s Attack (2012)
APA: Raw Justice5 (2012)

Kim Otto and Carlos Gasper, FBI agents assigned to find Jack Reacher (the Lee Child protagonist), in the Hunt for Reacher series:

Don’t Know Jack6 (2012)

Jack and Joe (2015)
Finalist 2016 Thriller Award for Best eBook

Jess Kimball, an investigative journalist and victims’ rights advocate, in Florida:

Fatal Distraction7 (2012)

Non-fiction, written as M. Diane Vogt:

Bathroom Crime Puzzles (2006)


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