Raymond Chandler
Philip Marlowe, a private eye on the mean streets of Los Angeles, California:

The Big Sleep1 (1939)
Finalist 2000 Anthony Award for Mystery of the Century

Farewell, My Lovely1 (1940)

The High Window1 (1942)

The Lady in the Lake2 (1943)

The Little Sister2 (1949)
APA: Marlowe (1969)

The Long Goodbye2 (1953)
1955 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Playback2 (1958)

Poodle Springs (1989)
[as completed by Robert B. Parker]

Short story collections, with a lot of overlap:

Five Murderers3 (1944) [SS]

Five Sinister Characters (1945) [SS]

Finger Man and Other Stories3 (1946) [SS]

Red Wind3 (1946) [SS]

Spanish Blood (1946) [SS]

The Simple Art of Murder3 (1950) [SS etc.]

Trouble Is My Business: Four Stories from The Simple Art of Murder (1951) [SS]

Pick-Up on Noon Street3 (1953) [SS]

Smart-Aleck Kill3 (1953) [SS]

Pearls Are a Nuisance (1953) [SS]

Killer in the Rain (1964) [SS]

The Smell of Fear3 (1965) [SS]

Raymond Chandler: Collected Stories3 (2002) [SS]