Raymond Chandler
Philip Marlowe, a private eye on the mean streets of Los Angeles, California:

The Big Sleep1 (1939)
Finalist 2000 Anthony Award for Mystery of the Century
The Annotated Big Sleep (2018)
[edited by Owen Hill, Pamela Jackson, Anthony Rizzuto]

Farewell, My Lovely1 (1940)

The High Window1 (1942)

The Lady in the Lake2 (1943)

The Little Sister2 (1949)
APA: Marlowe (1969)

The Long Goodbye2 (1953)
1955 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Playback2 (1958)

Poodle Springs (1989)
[as completed by Robert B. Parker]

Short story collections, with a lot of overlap:

Five Murderers3 (1944) [SS]

Five Sinister Characters (1945) [SS]

Finger Man and Other Stories3 (1946) [SS]

Red Wind3 (1946) [SS]

Spanish Blood (1946) [SS]

The Simple Art of Murder3 (1950) [SS etc.]

Trouble Is My Business: Four Stories from The Simple Art of Murder (1951) [SS]

Pick-Up on Noon Street3 (1953) [SS]

Smart-Aleck Kill3 (1953) [SS]

Pearls Are a Nuisance (1953) [SS]

Killer in the Rain (1964) [SS]

The Smell of Fear3 (1965) [SS]

Raymond Chandler: Collected Stories3 (2002) [SS]

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