Joelle Charbonneau
Rebecca Robbins, a Chicago mortgage broker inheriting a roller skating rink from her mother, in fictional Indian Falls, Illinois:

Skating Around the Law (2010)

Skating over the Line (2011)

Skating on the Edge (2012)

Skating Under the Wire (2013)

Paige Marshall, a struggling opera singer who reluctantly accepts the job of coaching the Prospect Glen High School show choir in Lake Forest, Illinois, in the Glee Club mysteries:

Murder for Choir (2012) [review]
Finalist 2013 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

End Me a Tenor (2013)

A Chorus Line-Up (2014)

The Testing dystopian thriller trilogy [YA]:

The Testing (2013) [review]
2014 Anthony Award for Best Best Children’s/YA Novel
Finalist 2013 Agatha Award for Best Childrenís/YA Novel

Independent Study (2014)

Graduation Day (2014)

Non-series [YA]:

Need (2015) [review]
2016 Anthony Award for Best Young Adult Novel
Finalist 2015 Agatha Award for Best Childrenís/YA Novel


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