Jerome Charyn
Isaac Sidel, a deputy police commissioner, later Mayor, in New York City:

Blue Eyes1 (1975)

Marilyn the Wild1 (1976)

The Education of Patrick Silver1 (1976)

Secret Isaac1 (1978)

The Good Policeman (1990)

Maria’s Girls (1992)

Montezuma’s Man (1993)

Little Angel Street (1994)

El Bronx (1996)

Citizen Sidel2 (1999)

Winter Warning (2017)

Sidney Holden, a hit-man, in New York City:

Paradise Man (1987)

Elsinore (1991)
Finalist 1991 Hammett Prize


The Franklin Scare (1977)

War Cries over Avenue C (1985)

Billy Budd, KGB (1991)

Death of a Tango King (1998)

Hurricane Lady (2001)

The Green Lantern: A Romance of Stalinist Russia (2004)