Francis Clifford
Arthur Leonard Bell Thompson

The Trembling Earth1 (1955)

Overdue (1957)

Act of Mercy (1959)
APA: Guns of Darkness (1962)

Time Is an Ambush1 (1962)

The Green Fields of Eden (1963)

The Hunting-Ground (1964)

The Third Side of the Coin (1965)

The Naked Runner (1966)
Finalist 1966 Gold Dagger Award

All Men Are Lonely Now (1967)
Finalist 1967 Gold Dagger Award

Another Way of Dying (1968)
1969 Silver Dagger Award

The Blind Side (1971)
Finalist 1971 Gold Dagger Award

A Wild Justice (1972)

Amigo, Amigo (1973)
Finalist 1973 Gold Dagger Award
Finalist 1974 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Grosvenor Square Goodbye (1974)
APA: Goodbye and Amen (1974)
1974 Silver Dagger Award
Finalist 1975 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Drummer in the Dark (1976)

Ten Minutes on a June Morning (1977) [SS]