Liza Cody
Liza Nassim
Anna Lee, a private investigator in London, England:

Dupe (1980)
1980 New Blood Dagger Award
Finalist 1982 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Bad Company (1982)

Stalker (1984)

Head Case (1985)
Finalist 1985 Gold Dagger Award

Under Contract (1987)
Finalist 1986 Gold Dagger Award

Backhand (1991)
Finalist 1993 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Eva Wylie, a wrestler and security guard, in London, England:

Bucket Nut (1992)
1992 Silver Dagger Award

Monkey Wrench (1994)

Musclebound (1997)


Rift (1988)

Gimme More (2000)

Lucky Dip and Other Stories (2003) [SS]

Ballad of a Dead Nobody (2011)