Martina Cole
Maura Ryan, who joins the family “firm” and becomes the young queen of the criminal underworld, in the East End of London, England:

Dangerous Lady (1992)

Maura’s Game (2002)

Kate Burrows, a detective inspector, and Patrick Kelly, her lover with underworld connections, in the East End of London, England:

The Ladykiller (1993)

Broken (2000)

Non-series books mostly set in London’s criminal underworld:

Goodnight Lady (1994)

The Jump (1995)

The Runaway (1997)

Two Women (1999)

Faceless (2001)

The Know (2003)

The Graft (2004)

The Take (2005)

Close (2006)

Faces (2007)

The Business (2008)

Hard Girls (2009)

The Family (2010)

The Faithless (2011)

The Life (2012)

Revenge (2013)

The Good Life (2014)