Susan Conant
Holly Winter, a dog trainer and magazine columnist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Dog Lovers mysteries:

A New Leash on Death (1989)

Dead and Doggone (1990)

A Bite of Death (1991)

Paws Before Dying (1992)

Gone to the Dogs (1992)

Bloodlines (1992)

Ruffly Speaking (1994)

Black Ribbon (1995)

Stud Rites (1996)

Animal Appetite (1997)

The Barker Street Regulars (1998)

Evil Breeding (1999)

Creature Discomforts (2000)

The Wicked Flea (2002)

The Dogfather (2003)

Bride and Groom (2004)

Gaits of Heaven (2006)

All Shots (2007)

Two Vintage Holly Winter Stories1 (2010)

Brute Strength (2011)

Sire and Damn (2015)


Scratch the Surface (2005)

Written with her daughter, Jessica Conant-Park
Chloe Carter, a boy-crazy 20-something gourmand, in Brighton, Massachusetts, in the Gourmet Girl mysteries:

Steamed (2006)

Simmer Down (2007)

Turn Up the Heat (2008)

Fed Up (2009)

Cook the Books (2010)