J.J. Connington
Alfred Walter Stewart
Sir Clinton Driffield, Chief Constable, and Squire Wendover, in rural England:

Murder in the Maze (1927)

Tragedy at Ravensthorpe (1927)

The Case with Nine Solutions (1928)

Mystery at Lynden Sands (1928)

Nemesis at Raynham Parva (1929)
APA: Grim Vengeance (1929)

The Boat-House Riddle (1931)

The Sweepstake Murders (1931)

The Castleford Conundrum (1932)

Tom Tiddler’s Island (1933)
APA: Gold Brick Island (1933)

The Ha-Ha Case (1934)
APA: The Brandon Case (1934)

In Whose Dim Shadow (1935)
APA: The Tau Cross Mystery (1935)

A Minor Operation (1937)

For Murder Will Speak (1938)
APA: Murder Will Speak (1938)

Truth Comes Limping (1938)

The Twenty-One Clues (1941)

No Past Is Dead (1942)

Jack-in-the-Box (1944)

Common Sense Is All You Need (1947)

Superintendant Ross, in England:

The Eye in the Museum (1929)

The Two Tickets Puzzle (1930)
APA: The Two Ticket Puzzle (1930)

Mark Brand, in England:

The Counsellor (1939)

The Four Defenses (1940)


The Dangerfield Talisman (1926)

Death at Swaythling Court (1926)

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