Freeman Wills Crofts
Joseph French, an inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Inspector French’s Greatest Case (1925)

Inspector French and the Cheyne Mystery (1926)
APA: The Cheyne Mystery (1926)

Inspector French and The Starvel Tragedy (1927)
APA: The Starvel Hollow Tragedy (1927)

The Box Office Murders (1928)
APA: The Purple Sickle Murders (1929)

Sea Mystery (1928)

Sir John Magill's Last Journey (1930)

Mystery in the Channel (1931)
APA: Mystery in the English Channel (1931)

Sudden Death (1932)

Death on the Way
APA: Double Death (1932)

The Hog’s Back Mystery (1933)
APA: The Strange Case of Dr. Earle (1933)

12:30 from Croydon (1934)
APA: Willful and Premeditated (1934)
APA: The 12.30 from Croydon (2017)

Mystery on Southampton Water (1934)
APA: Crime on the Solent (1934)

Crime at Guildford (1935)
APA: The Crime at Nornes (1935)

Loss of the “Jane Vosper” (1936)

Man Overboard (1936)
APA: Cold-Blooded Murder (1947) [abridged]

Found Floating (1937)

Antidote to Venom (1938)

The End of Andrew Harrison (1938)
APA: The Futile Alibi (1938)

Fatal Venture (1939)
APA: Tragedy in the Hollow (1939)

Golden Ashes (1940)

James Tarrant, Adventurer (1941)
APA: Circumstantial Evidence (1941)

A Losing Game (1941)

Fear Comes to Chalfont (1942)

The Affair at Little Wokeham (1943)
APA: Double Tragedy (1943)

Enemy Unseen (1944)

Death Of A Train (1946)

Silence For The Murderer (1949)

Dark Journey (1951)
APA: French Strikes Oil (1952)

Many A Slip (1955) [SS]

The Mystery of The Sleeping Car Express (1956) [SS]

Anything to Declare? (1957)

The Detection Club:

Six Against the Yard (1936)


The Cask (1920)

The Ponson Case (1921)

Pit-Prop Syndicate (1922)

Groote Park Murder (1923)

The Hunt Ball Murder (1943) [SS]

Mr. Sefton, Murderer (1944) [SS]

Murderers Make Mistakes (1947) [SS]

Young Robin Brand, Detective (1948)