Clare Curzon
Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan
Mike Yeadings, a police superintendent, and Angus Mott, a police sergeant, in Thames Valley, England:

I Give You Five Days (1983)

Masks and Faces (1984)

The Trojan Hearse (1985)

The Quest for K (1986)

Three-Core Lead (1988)

The Blue-Eyed Boy (1990)

Cat’s Cradle (1991)

First Wife, Twice Removed (1992)

Death Prone (1992)

Nice People (1993)

Past Mischief (1995)

Close Quarters (1996)

All Unwary (1997)

Cold Hands (1999)

Don’t Leave Me (2001)

The Body of a Woman (2002)

A Meeting of Minds (2003)

Last To Leave (2004)

The Glass Wall (2005)

The Edge (2006)

Payback (2008)

Off Track (2008)

Burnt Out (2009)

Devil in the Detail (2010)

Sian Vassilakis:

Trail of Fire (1987)

Shot Bolt (1988)
The Stakerly series, in early 1900s London, England:

Guilty Knowledge (1999)
Finalist 2000 Historical Dagger Award

The Colour of Blood (2000)

Dangerous Practice (2002)


Leaven of Malice (1979)

Special Occasion (1981)

Trail of Fire (1987)

The Face in the Stone (1989)

A Dead Giveaway (1995)

Flawed Light (2003)

Written as Rhona Petrie
Marcus Maclurg, a police inspector in England:

Death in Deakins Wood (1963)

Murder by Precedent (1964)

Running Deep (1965)

Dead Loss (1966)

Maclurg Goes West (1968)

Written as Rhona Petrie
Dr. Nassim Pride, an Anglo-Sudanese forensic scientist in Geneva, Switzerland:

Foreign Bodies (1967)

Despatch of a Dove (1969)

Written as Rhona Petrie

Come Hell and High Water (1970) [SS]

Thorne in the Flesh (1971)

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