Jeffery Deaver
Rune, an aspiring filmmaker with punk tendencies, in New York City:

Manhattan Is My Beat (1989)
Finalist 1990 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Death of a Blue Movie Star (1990)

Hard News (1991)

Lincoln Rhyme, a disabled ex-head of NYPD forensics, and Amelia Sachs, a rookie beat cop in New York City:

The Bone Collector (1997)
1999 Nero Award

The Coffin Dancer (1998)
Finalist 1999 Barry Award for Best Novel

The Empty Chair (2000)

The Stone Monkey (2002)

The Vanished Man (2003)
Finalist 2004 Nero Award

The Twelfth Card (2005)

The Cold Moon1 (2006)

The Broken Window (2008)
Finalist 2009 Thriller Award for Best Novel

The Burning Wire (2010)

The Kill Room (2013)

The Skin Collector (2014)

The Steel Kiss (2016)

The Burial Hour (2017)

The Cutting Edge (2018)

The Midnight Lock (2021)

Kathryn Dance, an investigator with the California Bureau of Investigation:

The Sleeping Doll (2006)

Roadside Crosses (2009)

XO (2012)

Solitude Creek (2015)

Colter Shaw, who travels around the US in his Winnebago, earning reward money by finding missing persons:

The Never Game (2019) [review]

The Goodbye Man (2020)

The Final Twist (2021)

Hunting Time (2022)


Voodoo (1988)

Always a Thief (1988)

Mistress of Justice (1992)

The Lesson of Her Death (1993)

Praying for Sleep (1994)

A Maiden’s Grave (1995)

The Devil’s Teardrop (1999)

Speaking in Tongues (2000)

The Blue Nowhere (2001)

Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin 1936 (2004)
2004 Steel Dagger Award

Twisted: Collected Stories of Jeffery Deaver (2003) [SS]

More Twisted: Collected Stories, Vol. II (2006) [SS]

The Bodies Left Behind (2008)
2009 Thriller Award for Best Novel

Edge (2010)
Finalist 2011 Thriller Award for Best Novel

Carte Blanche (2011) [review]
[James Bond]

The October List (2013)

Trouble in Mind: Collected Stories, Volume 3 (2014)

Written as William Jefferies
John Pellam, a location scout for a movie studio2:

Shallow Graves (1992)
Finalist 1993 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Bloody River Blues (1993)

Hell’s Kitchen (2001)
Finalist 2002 Edgar Award for Best Paperback


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