Paul Di Filippo
Written as Philip Lawson, joint pseudonym with Michael Bishop
Will Keats, an elementary school counselor and son of a ventriloquist, near Columbus, Georgia:

Would It Kill You To Smile? (1998)

Muskrat Courage (2000)


Ciphers (1997)

The Big Get-Even (2018)

The Deadly Kiss-Off (due April 2, 2019)

Selected other fiction:

The Steampunk Trilogy (1995) [trilogy omnibus]

Ribofunk (1996)

Joe’s Liver (2000)

A Mouthful of Tongues (2002)

Little Doors (2002) [SS]

Fuzzy Dice (2003)

Spondulix (2004)

Roadside Bodhisattva (2010)

A Palazzo in the Stars (2015) [SS]

Lost Among the Stars (2017) [SS]

Infinite Fantastika (2018) [SS]