Francis Duncan
William Underhill
Peter Justice, in England:

The Hand of Justice (1936)

The League of Justice (1937)

The Sword of Justice (1937)

Justice Returns (1940)

Justice Limited (1941)

Mordecai Tremaine, an amateur sleuth and retired tobacconist, in England:

They’ll Never Find Out (1944)

Murder Has a Motive (1947)

Murderer’s Bluff (1948)

Murder for Christmas (1949)

So Pretty a Problem (1950)

In at the Death (1952)

Behold a Fair Woman (1954)


Tigers Fight Alone (1938)

Dangerous Mr. X (1939)

Murder in Man (1940)

Night Without End (1943)

Fear Holds the Key (1945)

Ministers Too Are Mortal (1951)

Murder But Gently (1953)

A Question of Time (1959)