Marjorie Eccles
Gil Mayo, a police detective in the Midlands, England:

Cast a Cold Eye1 (1988)

Death of a Good Woman1 (1989)

Requiem for a Dove1 (1990)

More Deaths Than One (1990)

Late of This Parish (1992)

The Company She Kept (1993)

An Accidental Shroud (1994)

A Death of Distinction (1995)

A Species of Revenge (1996)

Killing Me Softly (1998)

The Superintendent’s Daughter (1999)

A Sunset Touch (2000)

Untimely Graves (2001)

Herbert Reardon, a detective inspector in late 1920s Shropshire, England:

Heirs and Assigns (2015)



Pandora’s Box (1996)

Echoes of Silence (2000)

Killing a Unicorn (2002)

Account Rendered and Other Stories (2003) [SS]

The Shape of Sand (2004)
Finalist 2004 Historical Dagger Award

Shadows and Lies (2005)

Last Nocturne (2008)

Broken Music (2009)

The Cuckoo’s Child (2011)

After Clare (2012)

A Dangerous Deceit (2013)

The Firebird’s Feather (2014)

Against the Light (2016)