Elizabeth Edmondson
Elizabeth Pewsey
The Vintage mysteries:

The Villa in Italy (2006)

Fencing with Death (2014) [ebook]

Finding Philippe (2001 by Elizabeth Pewsey, 2015 [ebook])

The Very English mysteriee:

A Man of Some Repute (2015)

A Question of Inheritance (2015)

A Youthful Indiscretion (2015) [ebook novella]

Non-series romantic and paranormal suspense:

The Frozen Lake (2004)

Voyage of Innocence (2005)

The Art of Love (2007)
APA: The Villa on the Riviera (2008) [audio]

Stone and Shadows (2011)

Devil’s Sonata (2011) [ebook]

Night and Day (2014) [ebook]

Written as Elizabeth Pewsey, reissued in ebook format as by Elizabeth Aston
The Mountjoy family saga series:

Children of Chance (1994)

Divine Comedy (1995)
APA: The World, the Flesh and the Bishop (2011) [ebook]

Unholy Harmonies (1996)

Volcanic Airs (1996)

Unaccustomed Spirits (1997)

Brotherly Love (1998)

Written as Elizabeth Pewsey

Losing Larry (2000)

Written as Elizabeth Aston
Other fiction, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice continuations:

The Way of the World (2003)

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters (2003)

The Exploits and Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy (2004)

The True Darcy Spirit (2006)

The Second Mrs. Darcy (2007)

The Darcy Connection (2008)

Mr. Darcy’s Dream (2009)

Writing Jane Austen (2010)

Mr Darcy Requests the Pleasure (2015) [4 ebook novellas]

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