Barry Eisler
John Rain, a freelance assassin in Tokyo, Japan:

Rain Fall (2002)
APA: A Clean Kill in Tokyo (2013)

Hard Rain (2003)
APA: Blood from Blood (2006)
APA: A Lonely Resurrection (2013)

Rain Storm (2004)
2005 Barry Award for Best Thriller
APA: Choke Point (2005)
APA: Winner Take All (2013)

Killing Rain (2005)
APA: One Last Kill (2006)
APA: Redemption Games (2013)

The Last Assassin (2006)
APA: Extremis (2013)

Requiem for an Assassin (2007)
APA: The Killer Ascendant (2013)

The Detachment (2011)

Graveyard of Memories (2014) [prequel]

Zero Sum (2017)

Ben Treven, a “Military Liaison Element,” an elite undercover soldier in America’s war on terror:

Fault Line (2009)

Inside Out (2010)

Livia Lone, a Thai sex-crimes detective in Seattle, Washington:

Livia Lone (2016)

The Night Trade (2018)

All the Devils (2019)

Dox, a former Marine sniper, beginning in 1991:

Amok (2022)

Non-series thrillers:

London Twist (2013) [ebook novella]

The God’s Eye View (2016)

The Killer Collective (2019)
[includes John Rain, Ben Treven & Livia Lone]

The Chaos Kind (2021)
[sequel to The Killer Collective]

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