Nancy Fairbanks
Nancy Fairbanks Herndon
Carolyn Blue, a food writer in El Paso, Texas, in the Culinary Food Writer series:

Crime Brulee1 (2001)

Truffled Feathers1 (2001)

Death a L’Orange1 (2002)

Chocolate Quake (2003)

The Perils of Paella (2004)

Holy Guacamole (2004)
Finalist 2005 Lefty Award

Mozzarella Most Murderous (2005)

Bon Bon Voyage (2006)

French Fried (2006)

Turkey Flambe (2007)

Blood Pudding (unknown)

Written as Nancy Herndon
Elena Jarvis, a wise-cracking police detective, in Los Santos, Texas:

Acid Bath (1995)

Widow’s Watch (1995)

Lethal Statues (1996)

Hunting Game (1996)

Time Bombs (1997)

C.O.P. Out (1998)

Casanova Crimes (1999)