Andrew J. Fenady
Sam Marlow, the man with Bogart’s face, a private detective, in 1970s Los Angeles, California:

The Man with Bogart’s Face (1977)

The Secret of Sam Marlow (1980)

Alex North, a private detective and unpublished novelist, in Los Angeles, California:

A Night in Beverly Hills (2003)

A Night in Hollywood Forever (2006)


Mulligan (1989)


Claws of the Eagle (1984)

The Summer of Jack London (1985)

Runaways (1994)

There Came a Stranger (2001)

The Rebel Johnny Yuma (2002)

Double Eagles (2002)

Riders to Moon Rock (2005)

Big Ike (2007)

The Trespassers (2008)

Tom Horn and the Apache Kid (2009)

The Range Wolf (2010)

Destiny Made Them Brothers (2013)

Black Noon (2015)

The Christmas Trespassers (2018)

The Mustangers (2019)

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