Robert L. Fish
Captain Jose da Silva, a supercop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

The Fugitive (1962)
1963 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Isle of the Snakes (1963)

The Shrunken Head (1963)

Brazilian Sleigh Ride (1965)

The Diamond Bubble (1965)

Always Kill a Stranger (1967)

The Bridge That Went Nowhere (1968)

The Xavier Affair (1969)

The Green Hell Treasure (1971)

Trouble in Paradise (1975)

Kek Huuygens, a Polish smuggler using a Dutch name and an American passport, in Europe:

The Hochmann Miniatures (1967)

Whirligig (1970)

The Tricks of the Trade (1972)

The Wager (1974)

Kek Huuygens, the Smuggler (1976)

Carruthers, Simpson, and Biggs, elderly down-on-their-luck mystery writers, putting their plots into action, in The Murder League Trilogy:

The Murder League (1968)

Rub-a-Dub-Dub (1971)
APA: Death Cuts the Deck (1972)

A Gross Carriage of Justice (1979)

Schlock Homes of 211B Bagel Street, a Sherlockian pastiche with a Yiddish perspective, in London, England:

The Incredible Schlock Homes (1974)

The Memoirs of Schlock Homes (1974)


The Assassination Bureau, Ltd.1 (1963)

The Trials of O’Brien (1965)

A Handy Death (1973) [with Henry Rothblatt]

Pursuit (1978)

The Gold of Troy (1980)

Rough Diamond (1981)

Written as Robert L. Pike
Lieutenant Clancy, a no nonsense, honest cop in New York City:

Mute Witness (1963)
APA: Bullitt (1968)

The Quarry (1964)

Police Blotter (1965)

Written as Robert L. Pike
Jim Reardon, a no nonsense, honest cop in San Francisco, California, an incarnation of the character in the “Bullitt” movie:

Reardon (1970)

The Gremlin’s Grampa (1972)

Bank Job (1974)

Deadline 2 A.M. (1976)

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