Steve Fisher
Steven Gould Fisher
Lt. Commander Sheridan Doome, in Hawaii and at sea:

Murder of the Admiral (1936)
[written as Stephen Gould]

Murder of the Pigboat Skipper (1937)


Spend the Night (1935)
[written as Grant Lane]

Satan’s Angel (1935)

The Night Before Murder (1939)

Homicide Johnny (1940)
[written as Stephen Gould, reprint 1950]

I Wake Up Screaming (1941, rev. 1960)

Winter Kill (1946)

Be Still My Heart (1952)

The Sheltering Night (1952)

Take All You Can Get (1955)

No House Limit (1958)

Image of Hell (1961)

Saxon’s Ghost (1969)

The Big Dream (1970)

The Hell-Black Night (1970)