Joan Fleming
Joan Margaret Fleming
Nuri Iskirlak, a Turkish philosopher:

When I Grow Rich (1962)
1962 Gold Dagger Award

Nothing Is the Number When You Die (1965)


Two Lovers Too Many (1949)

A Daisy-Chain for Satan (1950)

The Gallows in My Garden (1951)

The Man Who Looked Back (1951)
APA: A Cup of Cold Poison (1969)

Polly Put the Kettle On (1952)

The Good and the Bad (1953)

He Ought To Be Shot (1955)

The Deeds of Dr. Deadcert (1955)
APA: The Merry Widower (1975)

Maiden’s Prayer (1957)

You Can’t Believe Your Eyes (1957)

Malice Matrimonial (1959)

Miss Bones (1959)

The Man from Nowhere (1960)

In the Red (1961)

Death of a Sardine (1963)

The Chill and the Kill (1964)

Midnight Hag (1966)

No Bones About It (1967)

Hell's Belle (1968)

Kill or Cure (1968)

Young Man, I Think You’re Dying (1970)
1970 Gold Dagger Award

Grim Death and the Barrow Boys (1971)
APA: Be a Good Boy (1972)

Screams from a Penny Dreadful (1971)

Dirty Butter for Servants (1972)

Alas Poor Father (1972)

You Won’t Let Me Finish (1973)
APA: You Won't Let Me Finnish (1974)

How To Live Dangerously (1974)

Too Late! Too Late! The Maiden Cried (1975)

…To Make an Underworld (Red Mask Mystery) (1976)

Every Inch a Lady: A Murder of the Fifties (1977)

The Day of the Donkey Derby (1978)

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