J.S. Fletcher
Joseph Smith Fletcher
Mr. Poskitt, a Yorkshire farmer, in England:

Mr. Poskitt (1907) [SS]

Mr. Poskitt’s Nightcaps (1910) [SS]

Inspector Skarratt of Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Marchester Royal (1909)

The Wolves and the Lamb (1914)

The Secret of Secrets (1929)

Ronald Camberwell, a private investigator (“specialist in criminology … I have nothing to do with the police”), in London, England:

The Murder at Wrides Park (1931)

Murder in Four Degrees (1931)

Murder in the Squire’s Pew (1932)

Murder of the Ninth Baronet (1932)

Murder of the Only Witness (1933)

The Mystery of the London Banker (1933)
APA: Murder of a Banker (1933)

Who Killed Alfred Snowe? (1933)
APA: Murder of the Lawyer’s Clerk (1933)

Murder of the Secret Agent (1934)

The Ebony Box (1934)

The Eleventh Hour (1935)

Todmanhawe Grange (1937)
APA: The Mill House Murder, Being the Last of the Adventures of Ronald Camberwell (1937)

Sergeant Charlesworth, a police detective in England:

The Borgia Cabinet (1932)

The Burma Ruby (1932) [novella]


Andrewlina (1889)

The Winding Way (1890)

Old Lattimer’s Legacy (1892)

At the Blue Bell Inn (1898) [SS]

Pasquinado (1898) [SS]

The Death that Lurks Unseen (1899) [SS]

From the Broad Acres (1899) [SS]

Morrison’s Machine (1900)
APA: The Guarded Room (1929)

The Golden Spur (1901)

The Three Days’ Terror (1901)

The Investigators (1902)

The Air-Ship (1903) [SS]

The Fear of the Night (1903) [SS]

The Secret Way (1903)

The Diamonds (1904)
APA: The Diamond Murders (1929)

For Those Were Stirring Times! and Other Stories (1904) [SS]

The Threshing Floor (1905)

The Ivory God (1907) [SS]

The Queen of a Day (1907)

The Harvest Moon (1908)

Paradise Court (1908)

The Adventures of Archer Dawe, Sleuth-Hound (1909) [SS]
APA: The Contents of the Coffin (1928) [SS]

The Mantle of Ishmael (1909)
APA: The Black House in Harley Street (1928)

The Wheatstack (1909) [SS]

Hardican’s Hollow (1910)

The Adventures of Turco Bullworthy (1912) [SS]

The Golden Venture (1912)

The Bartenstein Case (1913)
APA: The Bartenstein Mystery (1913)

Perris of the Cherry Trees (1913)

The Secret Cargo (1913)

The Marriage Lines (1914)

Paul Campenhaye, Specialist in Criminology (1914) [SS]
APA: The Clue of the Artificial Eye (1939) [SS] [revised]

The Ransom for London (1914)

The Shadow of Ravenscliffe (1914)

The King Versus Wargrave (1915)

The Annexation Society (1916)

Families Repaired (1916)

The Lynne Court Spinney (1916)
APA: The Mystery of Lynne Court (1923)
APA: And Sudden Death (1938)
APA: The Pedigreed Murder Case (1942)

Malvery Hold (1917)
APA: The Mystery of the Hushing Pool (1938)

The Perilous Crossways (1917)

The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation (1917) ***111

The Amaranth Club (1918)

The Chestermarke Instinct1 (1918)

The Borough Treasurer1 (1919)

Droonin’ Watter (1919)
APA: Dead Men’s Money1 (1930)

The Middle Temple Murder (1919)

The Seven Days’ Secret (1919)

The Talleyrand Maxim1 (1919)

The Valley of Headstrong Men (1919)

Exterior to the Evidence (1920)

The Herapath Property1 (1920)

The Lost Mr. Linthwaite (1920)

The Orange-Yellow Diamond1 (1920)

The Paradise Mystery1 (1921)
APA: Wrychester Paradise (1921)

Scarhaven Keep1 (1920)

The Root of All Evil (1921)

The Heaven-Kissed Hill (1922)

In the Mayor’s Parlour1 (1922)
APA: The Time-Worn Town (1929)
APA: Behind the Panel (1931)

The Markenmore Mystery (1922)

The Middle of Things1 (1922)

Ravensdene Court1 (1922)

The Ambitious Lady (1923)

The Charing Cross Mystery (1923)

The Copper Box (1923)

Many Engagements (1923) [SS]

The Mazaroff Murder (1923)
APA: The Mazaroff Mystery (1923)

The Million-Dollar Diamond (1923)

The Rippling Ruby (1924)
APA: The Mysterious Chinaman (1924)

The Cartwright Gardens Murder (1924)

False Scent (1924)

The Kang-He Vase (1924)

The Safety Pin (1924)

The Secret of the Barbican (1924) [SS]

The Bedford Row Mystery (1925)
APA: The Strange Case of Mr. Henry Marchmont (1927)

The Great Brighton Mystery (1925)

Sea Fog (1925)

Green Ink (1926) [SS]

The Massingham Butterfly (1926) [SS]

The Mortover Grange Mystery (1926)
APA: The Mortover Grange Affair (1927)

The Stolen Budget (1926)
APA: The Missing Chancellor (1927)

The Green Rope (1927)

The Murder in the Pallant (1927)

The Passenger to Folkestone (1927)

Behind the Monocle (1928) [SS]

Cobweb Castle (1902)

The Double Chance (1928)

The Ravenswood Mystery (1929) [SS]
APA: The Canterbury Mystery (1933) [SS]

The Wrist Mark (1929)

The Dressing-Room Murder (1930)

The Heaven-Sent Witness and Other Stories (1930) [SS]

The House in Tuesday Market (1930)

The Malachite Jar (1930) [SS]
APA: The Flamstock Mystery (1932) [SS]
APA: The Manor House Mystery (1933) [SS]

The Marrendon Mystery, and Other Stories of Crime and Detection (1930) [SS]

The Matheson Formula (1930)

The South Foreland Murder (1930)

The Yorkshire Moorland Mystery (1930)

The Box Hill Murder (1931)

The Man in No. 3 (1931) [SS]

Safe Number Sixty-Nine (1931) [SS]

The Man in the Fur Coat (1932) [SS]

The Solution of a Mystery (1932) [SS]

Find the Woman (1933) [SS]

The Murder in Medora Mansions (1933) [SS]

The Carrismore Ruby (1935) [SS]


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