Joseph Flynn
Jim McGill, a former cop in Chicago, whose wife is elected President of the United States, in Washington, DC, and elsewhere:

The President’s Henchman (2009)

The Hangman’s Companion (2010)

The K Street Killer (2011)

The Last Ballot Cast: Part 1 (2012) [ebook]

The Last Ballot Cast: Part 2 (2012) [ebook]


The Concrete Inquisition (1993)

Digger (1997)

The Next President (2000)

Hot Type (2005)

Pointy Teeth (2005) [SS ebook]

Farewell Performance (2007)

Gasoline, Texas (2007)

Blood Street Punx (2011) [ebook]

Nailed (2011) [ebook]

One False Step (2011) [ebook]

Still Coming (2011)
APA: Still Coming (expanded edition 2011)

Round Robin (2011)

Tall Man in Ray-Bans (2012) [ebook]