Rae Foley
Elinor Denniston
John Harland, in New York City:

The Girl from Nowhere (1949)

The Hundredth Door (1950)

An Ape in Velvet (1951)

Hiram Potter, a wealthy young man in New York City and New England:

Death and Mr. Potter (1955)
APA: The Peacock Is a Bird of Prey (1976)

The Last Gamble (1956)

Run for Your Life (1957)

Where Is Mary Bostwick? (1958)
APA: Escape to Fear (1958)

Dangerous to Me (1959)

It’s Murder, Mr. Potter (1961
APA: Curtain Call (1976)

Repent at Leisure (1962)
APA: The Deadly Noose (1963)

Back Door to Death (1963)
APA: Nightmare Honeymoon (1976)

Fatal Lady (1964)

Call It Accident (1965)

A Calculated Risk (1970)


No Tears for the Dead (1948)

Bones of Contention (1950)
APA: The Other Woman (1976)

The Hundredth Door (1950)

Wake the Sleeping Wolf (1952)
APA: Don’t Kill, My Love (1953)

The Man in the Shadow (1953)

Dark Intent (1954)

Suffer a Witch (1965)

Scared to Death (1966)

Wild Night (1966)

Fear of a Stranger (1967)

The Shelton Conspiracy (1967)

Malice Domestic (1968)

Nightmare House (1968)

Girl on a High Wire (1969)

No Hiding Place (1969)

This Woman Wanted (1971)

Ominous Star (1971)

Sleep Without Morning (1972)

The First Mrs. Winston (1972)

Trust a Woman? (1973)

Reckless Lady (1973)

The Brownstone House (1974)
APA: Murder by Bequest (1976)

One O’Clock at the Gotham (1974)

The Barclay Place (1975)

The Dark Hill (1975)

Where Helen Lies (1976)

Put Out the Light (1976)

The Girl Who Had Everything (1977)

The Slippery Step (1977)

Written as Dennis Allan

House of Treason (1936)

Brandon Is Missing (1940)

Born To Be Murdered (1945)

Dead to Rights (1946)

Written as Helen K. Maxwell

The Girl in a Mask (1971)

Leave It to Amanda (1972)

The Livingston Heirs (1973)