Ken Follett
Spy and suspense books:

Storm Island (1978)
APA: Eye of the Needle (1978)
1979 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Triple (1979)

The Key to Rebecca (1980)

The Man from St. Petersburg (1982)

Lie Down with Lions (1985)

On Wings of Eagles (1990)

Night over Water (1991)

A Dangerous Fortune (1993)

The Third Twin (1997)

The Hammer of Eden (1998)

Code to Zero (2000)

Jackdaws (2001)

Hornet Flight (2002)

Whiteout (2004)

Written as Simon Myles
Chadwick "Apples" Carstairs, a corpulent private investigator in England:

The Big Black (1974)

The Big Needle (1974)
[reissued as Ken Follett (1989)]
APA: The Big Apple (1975)
[reissued as Ken Follett (1986)]

The Big Hit (1975)

Written as Zachary Stone
Piers Roper, an industrial superspy:

The Shakeout (1975)

The Bear Raid (1976)

Written as Zachary Stone

The Modigliani Scandal (1976)
[reissued as Ken Follett (1985)]

Paper Money (1977)
[reissued as Ken Follett (1987)]