G.M. Ford
Leo Waterman, a wisecracking private eye in Seattle, Washington:

Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca? (1995) [review]
Finalist 1996 Anthony Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1996 Dilys Award
Finalist 1996 Lefty Award
Finalist 1996 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

Cast in Stone (1996)

The Bum's Rush (1997)

Slow Burn (1998)

Last Ditch (1999)

The Deader the Better (2000)
Finalist 2001 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Thicker Than Water (2012)

Chump Change (2014)

Salvation Lake (2016)

Family Values (2017)

Soul Survivor (2018)

Frank Corso, a former New York Times journalist, now working at the third-rate Seattle Sun, in Seattle, Washington:

Fury (2001)

Black River (2002)

A Blind Eye (2003)
Finalist 2005 Steel Dagger Award

Red Tide (2004)

No Man’s Land (2005)

Blown Away (2006)

Mickey Dolan, a detective sergeant suffering excessive force complaints and a failed marriage, in Seattle, Washington:

Threshold (2015)



Nameless Night (2008)
APA: Identity (2009)

The Nature of the Beast (2013) [ebook]

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