Jeffrey Ford
Non-series mysteries:

The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque (2002)

The Girl in the Glass (2005) [review]
2006 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original

The Shadow Year (2008)

Ahab’s Return: Or, the Last Voyage (2018)

Out of Body (2020)

The Well-Built City fantasy trilogy:

The Physiognomy (1997)

Memoranda (1999)

The Beyond (2001)

Other fiction:

Vanitas (1988)

The Fantasy Writer's Assistant: And Other Stories (2002) [SS]

The Empire of Ice Cream (2005) [SS]

The Drowned Life (2008) [SS]

Crackpot Palace (2012) [SS]

A Natural History of Hell (2016) [SS]

The Best of Jeffrey Ford (2020) [SS]

Big Dark Hole: And Other Stories (2021) [SS]

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